About Chris Leben,
Founder of The Training Center

Chris Leben is the owner and founder of The Training Center in San Diego. In this gym, he has compiled an amazing team of coaches, built a top-level martial arts competition team, and established the headquarters for the unique jiu jitsu submissions school Baret Submissions.

But Chris is not just a businessman. He spent years at the top levels of professional mixed martial arts first.

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Why Chris Leben Founded The Training Center

Chris Leben’s UFC career is legendary. His career highlights include:

  • First WEC Middleweight Champion
  • 2 Professional Championships
  • All-time leader in UFC
  • 77% finish rate
  • 34 professional MMA fights

Despite these accomplishments, Chris has set his sights on further growth in the broader realms of the sport. Today, he is dedicated to applying his knowledge and experience as a true MMA and UFC veteran to teach the next generation of fighters.

Chris is the heart of The Training Center’s teaching philosophy. He built The Training Center to be a home for people from all walks of life.

His goal for the Center is to provide an environment and community where anyone can improve their physical fitness, mentality, and skills to the highest level. He remains an instructor and head coach for the Center’s competition team.

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