About Master Baret Yoshida,
Creator of Baret Submissions

Master Baret Yoshida is the creator and founder of Baret Submissions, his unique collection of jiu jitsu submissions ideal for mixed martial arts. The headquarters for Baret Submissions is at The Training Center in San Diego, where Baret teaches his signature techniques directly to students.

Baret’s techniques are popular in a wide variety of jiu jitsu practices because he developed them after becoming one of the sport’s best-known and well-respected practitioners.

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The Origins of Baret Submissions

Baret has been at the top of the jiu jitsu world for decades. Some of his career highlights include:

  • Three-Time IBJJF Black Belt World Champion
  • Three-Time ADCC Medalist
  • Ten-Time ADCC Competitor (one of a kind in history)
  • Training under martial arts legends Egan and Enson Inoue for 21 years

This lifetime of experience has allowed Baret to establish his signature submission techniques, including his “Assassin Choke.” These techniques are how he medalled at the ADCC three times, which is arguably the most intense submission wrestling tournament in the world.

Baret’s techniques are only taught at The Training Center or by instructors who have licensed his methods. Combined with his “never say die” attitude, Master Baret Yoshida’s students benefit from some of the most effective jiu jitsu training in San Diego and the world.

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