San Diego Training And Fitness Programs

The Training Center offers a wide variety of martial arts training classes. Explore our class schedule or learn more about individual courses below.


Boxing sessions at The Training Center are the perfect blend of technique and intensity. Learn to strike properly while having fun and improving your endurance. Sessions are led by world-class coaches and current competitors.

Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is one of the fastest growing martial arts in the world. At the Training Center you will be taught by industry experts and professional competitors. Whether it’s your first time on the mat, you’re introducing your kids and family to this amazing art, or you are training to compete, The Training Center will safely challenge you in a fun and professional environment.



Kickboxing is the fastest growing fitness modality in the world. Here at TTC we bring together the right balance of technique, learning and fun on the bags and pads. Working with current competitors and industry legends will take your experience to the next level.


MMA is the culmination of many martial arts coming together to deliver the full experience of combat sports. At The Training Center the MMA program is led by former UFC fighter and legend in the sport Chris Leben. Chris has the most middleweight fights in UFC history. This experience combined with his passion for coaching makes Chris’ MMA program second to none.

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What to expect at the training center

All walks of life. No experience necessary.