Our San Diego Training Facility

The Training Center San Diego is located within a new, world-class gym designed from top to bottom specifically for martial arts. We are proud to state that every element in The Training Center is the best in the industry. 


Our open floorplan space is built to accommodate everything we teach. We have specific stand-up sections for our boxing and kickboxing students, and wide-open rolling sections for Jiu Jitsu classes. Lighting, mats, and the layout of the facility has a whole have been carefully considered to make The Training Center the most functional and enjoyable MMA gym in San Diego.


Safety should be at the heart of any MMA gym. We believe that clean and safe gyms are fundamental to making the most of your training. We are dedicated to keeping our facility clean, sanitary, and in good repair to remain the best jiu jitsu gym in San Diego.


All equipment at The Training Center is top-of-the-line. From our punching bags to our mats to our cardio equipment, everything has been chosen for durability, safety, and effectiveness. Whether you’re looking for a jiu jitsu facility or a well-rounded boxing gym in San Diego, we have the gear you need for our classes..


Located right along the I-5, The Training Center is conveniently found between Pacific Beach and Clairemont, just minutes away from La Jolla and Mission Beach. 

2949 Garnet Ave
3rd Floor
San Diego, CA, 92109